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Welcome to St. Martin

Welcome to St. Martin Beaches Site. This island is the most unique in the Caribbean. Split between 2 different countries of French West Indies and Dutch N.A. and with a laid back island flair and secluded beaches makes this island a special vacation destination. There are 37 different beaches in St. Martin - St. Maarten and we will take you on a tour of 13 of the most popular beaches. With the map or table below you can jump to each island destination to get the full details. The table of beaches below gives a quick overview of the Amenities for each beach starting with a tour of Orient Bay and going clockwise around the island.

St. Martin Beaches Map

St Martin

St. Martin - St. Maarten - Table of Beaches

Beach Parking Beach
Food Restrooms Country
Baie LongueNoNoNoNoFrench
Baie LucasNoNoNoNoFrench
Baie NettleYesYesYesYesFrench
Baie RougeYesYesYesYesFrench
Dawn BeachYesYesYesYesDutch
Friars BayYesYesYesYesFrench
Great BayYesYesYesYesDutch
Maho BayYesYesYesYesDutch
Mullet BayYesYesYesYesDutch
Orient BayYesYesYesYesFrench
Plum BayNoNoNoNoFrench
Simpson BayYesYesYesYesDutch